All female ducklings are tossed into a grinder to be shredded

You have to be a strange person in my view to enjoy food knowing this is how it has been produced.

Foie gras is considered a delicacy to some, but to most it’s considered an abomination. That’s because the way to make the dish is to horribly abuse ducks and geese in order to get their livers super fatty. The grotesquely enlarged liver is sold whole or made into a pate. The dish and practice have been outlawed in many places due to the inhumane nature of force feeding animals, including in California — which is what makes the fact that this state still allows the importation of foie gras so bizarre. It seems that as long as the cruelty happens beyond California’s borders, lawmakers are fine with it. Sign now to tell California to ACTUALLY ban this disgusting practice!

The poor ducks and geese who become foie gras suffer endlessly for it. They are kept in unsanitary and cramped cages. They are then force fed through metal tubes jammed down their throats twice a day in order to make their livers grow to 10 times their normal size. Many of them die along the way. Additionally, the dish can only be made from male ducks, so all the female ducklings that are of no use to this cruel industry are literally tossed into a grinder, their tiny bodies getting ripped apart in seconds.

There are no two ways about: foie gras is horrifying and California pretended to care about it, only to allow for import of the inhumanely acquired “dish.” Please sign the petition telling California to close this loophole and outlaw both foie gras production AND purchasing within the state!

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