Almerimar Kitten Update

Beautiful Boy

More good news from Germany!

I’ve just heard today that one of the Almerimar Kittens has already found a permanent family in Germany AND he has only been in his foster home for 1 night. This doesn’t surprise me at all as Siamo (or King as Tracy and Jack called him) is really beautiful. He is a siamese cross and as you can see looks a bit like an albino tiger, with lovely stripes, AND he has huge blue eyes.

Apparently he has gone to a friend of the sister of his foster mum and is currently exploring his new very big house. Meanwhile sister Adalita (or Rosie!) doesn’t seem to be too concerned that he is gone and is still happily playing!

2 thoughts on “Almerimar Kitten Update

  1. Jenny

    Who could resist the beautiful King! He was obviously snapped up instantly, and I’m sure we all suspected that that would be the case! Pleased to hear that Rosie doesn’t appear to be unduly worried, she is just as beautiful and hopefully we’ll soon be hearing good news of her as well. Tracey did such a good job of ‘bringing them up’ to be well-behaved, fun-loving kitties!! I was fortunate enough to look after them overnight before their long journey – it was great to see them again, and they will be missed!

  2. Chris

    Again, the Germans are doing a great job!!! I think it is obvious that the more care the cats get at this end the easier it is to find them homes in Germany!

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