Almerimar Stray Dog

21/09/13: I am pleased to be able to write that this morning Chris and I caught this lovely lady, and for the next week she is in residency while we work out how to help her longer term. If anyone wants to help with costs or by fostering her, please contact us.
This lovely old lady has just turned up in the car parks by the two chiringuitoes on the Levante Beach. She has obviously had a litter or two in her time but no sign of any puppies at the moment. She is really friendly. Allowed me to stroke her and check her tummy so I am pretty sure she isn’t pregnant or full of milk. Was very interested in our dogs and they had a sniff around with her so I would say she is good with dogs.

We will feed her for a few days and keep an eye out for any puppies and then try and get her into a protectora unless anyone can foster her.

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  1. Chris

    We picked her up off the beach this morning. Lovely old lady! Put her in kennels for a week until I am back and we can sort her out.

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