Almerimar Strays Coffee

Great coffee yesterday afternoon with all our foster parents and helpers there together for the first time. We had a good chat and wine followed coffee for most of us, and it was a good chance as always to discuss what we need to do next.

Monday needed sorting re. logistics as we are hoping to catch and sterilise 2 more of our semi-feral females. I love that term which I picked up recently from a report; it refers to cats who live in the wild but have some human contact, and I think describes most of the Almerimar strays, although we definitely have a few full ferals whom we will not be catching any day soon.

Monday will require 2 trips up to Jos’s dog rescue, collection and pickup, and then a delivery to Gisela’s cat rescue for a couple of days convalescence. Assuming Monday is successful I think we will give ourselves a week off as most of our immediate problems will be solved. Little Mimi cat remains my biggest worry, as she was seen with a Tomcat several weeks ago, and remains so hard to catch. My wrist is still recovering from last week’s bite, but I am game for another go, protected by several thicknesses of Chris’s tennis sweat bands this time.

Anyway we have 2 cat slots for Monday’s sterilisations so we have agreed standby contenders, one of whom is Chivers now that we have established he doesn’t have a chip. I am also hoping that we can catch a rather pretty grey female by the Nautico.

So we had a good get together, followed for me by a trip to the vet to pay our bill! Here’s to more Almerimar Strays coffee (and wine) next Wednesday 4pm at the Milenio.

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