ALStrays Pet Transport Newsletter: December 2013

Welcome to our 12th newsletter of 2013. This will be the last of our monthly newsletters for this year (obviously) but also ever, as next year we will be spending more time posting to the blog, and will only issue occasional newsletters as and when relevant.

November was a busy transport month with two transports, but unfortunately the main bit of news was yet another attempt to ‘drop us in it’ by someone that being charitable I will say has the best interests of the animals at heart (as do we) but unfortunately had absolutely none of their facts correct. I have written about this on the blog so I will not repeat myself, other than to say that I hope the other transport companies and rescues take note and put as much effort into being TRACES compliant as we have. Oh and yes, I do know who it was that reported us, but no I am not going to do anything about it. The reality is that all they have done is highlight that we are 100% compliant with TRACES and I suspect the only transport company to have been inspected by the office Government Vet and given a totally clean bill of health. So in a perverse way thanks!

Of course the real shame of these attempts to discredit are that they take away from the great work being done by the rescue centers and the amazing generosity of the adoptants. By way of example check out Russell’s Story to see why we are so happy to do what we do, and put up with the crap from a small number of petty individuals who really do need to get a life.

Again, the need for people to read the site and conform to the specifications we lay down has been highlighted by the use of cheap cat boxes, and hand made water containers. While we have (as always) been able to address these issues because of the spares that we carry enough is enough and with no exceptions and with immediate effect no more cheap cat boxes.

Future Transports


13th: TRACES and PETS Scheme to Germany, Holland and UK – FULL


We have scheduled the transports for next year, which you can see on the transport schedule and availability page.

We are going to focus on one Germany and UK transport each month, based around the contracted TRACES transport we provide for a number of Protectora’s so we will take the re-homed cats and dogs to Germany as always, and 10 dogs or cats to the UK on either the PETS Scheme or TRACES depending on the status of the animal.

When we first set up ALStrays Transport it was to transport the re-homed cats that Sandra was involved with, and that will always remain our priority. We have a couple of contracts with Protectora’s to transport their re-homed cats and dogs under TRACES, so the monthly TRACES transport to Germany will remain our priority.

With regard to the UK we will continue to provide a monthly scheduled transport for pets (traveling under the PETS Scheme) and re-homed rescue dogs and cats (traveling under TRACES). We will only take 10 per transport as that is all we have space for, and logistically it allows us to deliver them in the UK in a reasonable time frame, without making the journey too long for the animals. The actual times for each transport will vary depending on time of year, and the locations involved in the UK.

We have three Bosnia to France Charter transports for 2014 scheduled.

Useful Links

PETS Transport Scheme

If you are in any doubt as to what the PETS Scheme is, or if you and your pet qualify then please check out the information on this post


If you have re-homed a cat or dog, recently adopted a cat or dog that requires transporting, or the ownership of the cat or dog will change as a result of the transport then you MUST transport the animal via the TRACES Scheme. You can check out the details on this post


You can see our latest schedule and availability on this post


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