ALStrays Pet Transport Newsletter: July 2013

Welcome to our 7th newsletter of 2013. It is hard to believe that we are already half way through the year. A year that has seen us transport 515 cats and dogs to their new homes already. We have picked up and delivered in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium, Brussels, Holland, England, Scotland, Wales and Bosnia!

We have spent the best part of 18.000€ on fuel, 5.000€ on tolls, and 3.000€ on the Shuttle.

I guess the main news from June was the Bosnia Transport where we brought back 15 re-homed dogs from Bosnia to Germany, England and Scotland. By far our most adventurous transport to date, it was also the cumulation of a very hectic schedule:

7th June: Seville and Malaga
8th June – 12th June: UK transport
13th June – 14th June: Portugal
15th – 16th June: Germany and Italy
17th June – 23rd June: Bosnia and UK

We are currently looking at running a Bosnia Chartered Transport every three months.

Probably the other notable event in June would be the straw that broke the Camels back! Have totally had enough of the backbiting, bitchiness, lying and two faced nature of far too many people in the world of animal rescue. Will repeat in no way are we ‘whiter than white’ and I accept that we have fallen out with a few people, but I will repeat for the last time: not at all interested or worried about relationships with humans ONLY concern is the welfare of the dogs and cats so we will always put aside previous disagreements in order to help the animals.

That said, after our summer break we will only be transporting for private individuals who genuinely qualify for the PETS Scheme, Registered Charities and Organisations who are able to facilitate a TRACES transport, and our Preferred Travel Partners for whom we will facilitate TRACES transports.

We will run a monthly PETS Scheme transport to the UK for up to 15 cats and dogs and a months TRACES transport to Europe and the UK (10 cats or dogs). We will also be concentrating more on the Charter side of the business.

We have removed ourselves from the majority of re-homing and rescue groups.

We also have a HUGE project that we will be working on over the summer break (see below) ready for 2014.

Future Transports


We have two transports scheduled in July

The first transport in July is a PETS transport which will leave Spain on the 6th July, arriving in the UK on the 7th July. We will leave the UK again on the 9th July arriving back in Spain on the 10th July.

This transport is FULL

The second transport is our TRACES transport to Europe and the UK. This is run ‘under contract’ for the protectora that we work for but a few spaces tend to be available so if you are registered to provide TRACES please feel free to enquire. This will leave Spain on the 13th July.

This transport is FULL


7th: TRACES transport to Europe and UK: 10 spaces currently available to UK

21st: PETS Scheme transport to UK: 13 spaces currently available


14th: PETS Scheme transport to UK: 8 spaces currently available

26th: TRACES transport to Europe and UK: 10 spaces currently available to UK


9th: PETS Scheme transport to UK : 15 spaces currently valuable

23rd TRACES transport to Europe and UK: 10 spaces currently available to UK


7th PETS Scheme transport to UK: 15 spaces currently available

21st TRACES transport to Europe and UK: 10 spaces currently available to UK


PETS Transport Scheme

There still seems to be some confusion as to the use of the PETS transport scheme. In brief it can only be used for the transportation of a personal pet, when the transport is necessitated by a move (permanent or temporary) by the pets owner.

A rescue animal can not be transported under the PETS scheme, and requires an additional health certificate.

We have posted a guide on the site which you can read here. This is a really important issue as DEFRA and the AHVLA are both getting more vigilant regards the transportation of pets and rescue animals into the UK, and quite rightly. From our perspective we will trust the information that we are given on the booking form.


We provide a monthly TRACES transportation for the local protector that we have been working with and for for several years. We have limited spaces that we can make available for other cats and dogs going to Europe, but you must be able to sort out their TRACES paperwork.

Summer Break

We are going to take two months off after the July transport (with the exception that we might be doing a Bosnia Charter in August) to recharge the old batteries, spend some time together and enjoy our own pets! Will be a good chance to give the vans some TLC and sort out a few changes. We will be updating the site as well to reflect the changes mentioned above, and we have one HUGE project that we need at least a month to sort out.

Next Transport Availability

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