ALStrays Pet Transport Newsletter: November 2013

Welcome to our 11th newsletter of 2013.

Another busy month. If I tell you that we spent 3.553,24€ on diesel and 1.355,06€ on tolls you should get an idea as to how many miles we covered on our three trips in October: a UK transport, a Germany, Holland and France transport, and a Italy and Bosnia transport.

The UK transport was an interesting one with 13 pets (8 dogs and 5 cats) going to two families in Aberdeen and 2 dogs going under TRACES to new owners. One of the owners traveled with us from Portugal which gave them a great opportunity to see how we transport the animals. The other owner is a regular client of ours and I stayed at their home in Aberdeen which gave me a great opportunity to experience forest hand just how refreshed and happy the dogs were after their long trip.

Thank you so much for looking after all our (7) dogs during the transit period from Alicante region to Aberdeen, Scotland.
To see you and your co-driver one day (in Spain) and meet you the next night, one hour after I got settled in to my house, and decant the dogs was amazing, the dogs were so happy, no issues at all, no howling (that I heard lol..)
I could not think of a more professional, informative and caring transport company to consider again for future trips (and there will be a few).
Thank you once again, on time, dogs happy, what more do you want? Any prospective clients, please feel free to email me at
Vic Gilchrest

The Germany, Holland and France transport was our regular monthly TRACES transport for re.homed cats and dogs. This is run under contract but in general we do have a few spaces each month for dogs our cats needing to go to Germany etc, but they must fit in with the schedule we have for the contract. From December we are going to focus on just one scheduled transport per month (details below) and build up the charter transports.

This was our third transport from Bosnia, and the more I go the more impressed I am with the work of those involved in rescuing the cats and dogs. What is most noticeable is that it tends to be the younger generation that are involved in animal rescue, which is encouraging for the future as it provides hope that the mindset and attitude towards these starts may change in future years. Hopefully we can continue with these charters next year, and there are a few projects that we have started to discuss with people to try and help more in Bosnia.

You may (or may not) have noticed that we have removed ourselves from all Groups on Facebook.

Over the next couple of months we will be transferring our use of Facebook away from our personal accounts to the ALStrays Facebook page. and using the blog a lot more.

Future Transports


9th: PETS Scheme transport to UK : FULL

23rd: TRACES transport to Germany: limited spaces available


14th: TRACES transport to UK & PETS Scheme transport to UK: 4 spaces left to UK, spaces available on TRACES


We have scheduled the transports for next year, which you can see on the transport schedule and availability page.

We are going to focus on one Germany and UK transport each month, based around the contracted TRACES transport we provide for a number of Protectora’s so we will take the re-homed cats and dogs to Germany as always, and 10 dogs or cats to the UK on either the PETS Scheme or TRACES depending on the status of the animal.

When we first set up ALStrays Transport it was to transport the re-homed cats that Sandra was involved with, and that will always remain our priority. We have a couple of contracts with Protectora’s to transport their re-homed cats and dogs under TRACES, so the monthly TRACES transport to Germany will remain our priority.

With regard to the UK we will continue to provide a monthly scheduled transport for pets (traveling under the PETS Scheme) and re-homed rescue dogs and cats (traveling under TRACES). We will only take 10 per transport as that is all we have space for, and logistically it allows us to deliver them in the UK in a reasonable time frame, without making the journey too long for the animals. The actual times for each transport will vary depending on time of year, and the locations involved in the UK.

We are introducing a monthly ‘shuttle’ service between Murcia and Malaga. This will run once a month, between the two designated locations only, and will cost 40€ per animal.

Our plan is to do one chartered transport i.e. Bosnia every other month as well.

Useful Links

PETS Transport Scheme

If you are in any doubt as to what the PETS Scheme is, or if you and your pet qualify then please check out the information on this post


If you have re-homed a cat or dog, recently adopted a cat or dog that requires transporting, or the ownership of the cat or dog will change as a result of the transport then you MUST transport the animal via the TRACES Scheme. You can check out the details on this post


You can see our latest schedule and availability on this post

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