ALStrays Pet Transport Newsletter: September 2013

Welcome to our 9th newsletter of 2013.

So much for having a break! We ended up doing two chartered TRACES transports to Europe and one charter transport to Bosnia, so a total of 52 animals transported in August: our lowest number all year.

On a personal note Tigra has integrated really well, has been officially adopted, and has kept is all on our toes!

We have managed to update the site with a few changes to hopefully make it easier for people to find the information that they need: prices, availability, PETS Scheme, TRACES, booking form, Declaration of Owner etc.

We have published our scheduled transport dates for 2014, which you can see here. We will be running a combined PETS Scheme and TRACES transport to France, Germany, Belgium and the UK each month. We are combining the two as we will only be taking 10 cats and dogs into the UK (under PETS and TRACES) so will be providing a door to door service – with a few exceptions depending on profile of each transport, and to continue to offer the low prices for the TRACES transport to Europe we have no other option. We will still be driving through and leaving on a Saturday morning and delivering in the UK on the Sunday afternoon/evening and then on the Monday for the North of England and Scotland. We have had some new kennels built at our house in the UK for our overnight guests.

TRACES remains a huge issue with Germany in particular taking a tougher stance on the misuse of the PETS Scheme: we are aware of many organisations who have been contacted by the authorities wanting to visit their foster homes, see their TRACES documentation. It seems that vets are reporting when animals are being brought to them by new owners with foreign passports.

Another reason is that we are getting more and more requests for charter transports. It looks like we will be going to Bosnia on a regular basis and have been discussing the possibility of a regular Romanian charter. We want to be able to do one charter every month, and with Sandra being in the UK every three months (more on that project in future months) that is pretty much all we will have time for.

With the exception of ……. we have introduced a monthly shuttle transport between Murcia and Malaga. Details and dates are on the site.

We have redone the password protected transport page and in future will only be providing updates and photographs of each transport on that page, not to the general public.

We have also revised the Preferred Travel Partner scheme and will be working with fewer rescue centers and charities in the future.

Future Transports


21st: TRACES transport to UK & PETS Scheme transport to UK: we are full to the UK but have a few spaces left on the TRACES transport to Europe.


14th: PETS Scheme transport to UK: FULL

26th: TRACES transport to Europe: spaces available


9th: PETS Scheme transport to UK :8 spaces currently valuable

22nd: TRACES transport to Europe: spaces available


14th: TRACES transport to UK & PETS Scheme transport to UK: 10 spaces left to UK, spaces available on TRACES

Useful Links

PETS Transport Scheme

If you are in any doubt as to what the PETS Scheme is, or if you and your pet qualify then please check out the information on this post


If you have re-homed a cat or dog, recently adopted a cat or dog that requires transporting, or the ownership of the cat or dog will change as a result of the transport then you MUST transport the animal via the TRACES Scheme. You can check out the details on this post


You can see our latest schedule and availability on this post

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