AlStrays This Week 06/06/10

On Friday I sent another 5 cats on the transport to Germany, 3 more cats from PAWs Mojacar (Martha, Sammy & Prue) and the siamix twins, our Adra girls.

Martha, Prue (a big cuddle tabby girl), Chica and Sandy have all gone to foster homes for now, while little ginger and white Sammy already has her forever home.

I am pleased to say that news of them from Germany is all good so far. I never quite get used to the thought of our poor cats enduring a 24 hour van journey, but to date every one has arrived safe and well, if at times a little cold and occasionally stressed. The Mojacar girls are now suffering the same wait, and it is I think even harder for them as, to date, they have looked after the cats that have travelled for months, and I know grown very fond of them.

Martha in particular, I felt very protective towards, and slightly worried about as she HATES being in a box. In addition as she spent several weeks with us, Chris, Erika and I are very fond of her. I was therefore very relieved to get yesterday’s email from Martina when she picked them all up.

martha i really love, such a sweet cat ;o) she went out of the box in her foster home, was eating, drinking, gave us hugs…the foster paretns could not believe that …;o) i was happy about that becaus she really did not like driving by car….
pru was ok too, hated driving by car…but when we spoke to her, she felt better…sweet cat too…;o)
samis new parents picked her up at egeslbach and were totaly in love !

Martina drove Prue to Kerstin, who took her on to her foster home and sent this email later:

oh, very sweet…!!! I took new photos of Pru, too.. that was not easy, because she would cuddle all the time, with my camera, too… :o( she is a soooooo lovely girl… I hope to find a home soon… If I call her, she is saying “mia” three time and then she comes… :o)

Fantastic, and as always I am so thankful for the time and love that the German girls put into helping our cats.

Today I am relaxing as it has been a busy week for me, starting with vet visits on Monday, and then lots of emails etc. to finalise plans for the transport. Then on Thursday evening Jenny and I drive up to Almeria airport to pickup Prue and Sammy from the Mojacar girls and also Julio, a lovely siamix boy, who will stay with us for few weeks until the next transport, when he will travel to his adoptant and live with a cat called Elvis.

Chris and I then had a mainly sleepless night, with Julio in our study, as he decided he needed lots of cuddles and play, and our 3 cats spent lots of time outside the door and trying to get in the window to say hello! We then were all up at 6am to drive to the transport. Julio has now replaced the Adra girls and Martha at Erika’s, along with Strolchy pictured!

This little buddy was rescued on Thursday morning from a busy road by Karin at the protectora. Unfortunately his 2 siblings were run over, so for now he is an only kitten. He does however already have an adoptant and will be flying to his new home in September. He is a lovely little chap, if a little under-nourished, making his ears for now look huge!

Looking to the next to weeks, I will be meeting Victoria at the protectora, with her siamix family of Mum and 3 tiny kittens. They all need to see the vet, and I am already looking for homes for 2 of the kittens.

I am also liaising with another English lady about the young stray mother and 4 kittens she is currently feeding. I hope to take them from her for re-homing in the next couple for weeks.

There is also a very tame cat who was rescued very sick with an infection by an English lady up the coast. She is currently a ‘shop’ cat but very much needs a loving home after a horrid time on the streets, including the vet thinks several litters. AND I am still waiting for more news of that illusive ginger Tomcat up in Berja.

In the meantime, I will be visiting the cattery again in Mojacar on Tuesday to meet the new kittens there, to say hello to the other 3 cats that the German girls are looking for homes for, and plan which cats will be ready to travel on the next transport with Julio.

Look out for lots more photos this week of Julio, Sammy, Pru, Chica and Sandy AND Benny and Olli, the latest ginger boys!

AND finally a big thank you to Erika, our main foster Mum here, to Jenny for her support and for giving Prue and Sammy B&B for Thursday night, and to Chris for his continued support in everything I do with AlStrays, and for getting up at 6am on Friday to help me with the transport, a new experience for him!

Little Strolchy

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  1. Jenny

    So good to hear that the transport arrived safely in Germany and all the cats have already settled in – we all anxiously think about them on their long journey, but great that these cats are getting a second chance to a much happier life. Good luck to little Strolchy, I’m sure he will grow into his ears!!

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