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Sunday 10th January

The transport to Germany is now re-scheduled for Friday 15th so Beau and Emily will be on their way again soon. Neither seem any the worse for their 24 hour round trip in the cold, but we will be sending them off with extra blankets. Meanwhile 4 of our temporary residents have gone back to Alondra in Almeria. We still have the 4 kittens from Murcia and will put them back on the transport. 3 of the 4 have colds but are responding to anti-biotics. All is well, and our 10 current port cats all turned up for breakfast this morning.

Friday 8th January

At 11:30 this morning I picked up Emily and Beau from the protectora after their 27hr round trip to the French border. Jos had rung me at 11pm last night to say that due to severe weather the border was closed and he had had to turn back. Not only have our 2 returned for a few more days, our 2 have become 10! We now also have 4 kittens from Murcia (whom I know nothing about) who will stay with us until the next transport, hopefully within a week, AND we have 4 kittens from Alondra, who also works with Katzenherzen.

Jos and Lisa had been unable to contact people about these cats, and both the drivers and animals had had enough, so I took them all and they are currently in 4 different foster homes around Almerimar. 4 have colds, but I have antibiotics, and all have eaten and settled well, bar one who seems very nervous.

Beau and Emily meanwhile are very well and pleased to be out of their boxes and home. It has actually been good for me to see these cats after their 24hr trip, as I now feel even more comfortable about the transport. It is just a big pity that this trip ended up back where they started, and that they must go through it all again probably next week.

Thursday 7th January

Today Emily (pictured) and big Beau set off on the transport to Germany. They are headed together for a foster home in Cologne, which is great as these 2 have become form friends, with lots of play and cuddles. Emily in particular is a real strong, play girl as you can see from the photos below.


Beautiful Strong Emily

Other news this week is that Marty has his plaster removed on Tuesday and he is tentatively putting weight on his slightly wasted little leg. When he is chasing a ball, he tends to forget to worry and using his leg almost normally, so I am confident it will heal well.

Trixie has more medicine for parasites, and we are trying to order some homeopathic granules, recommended by Miguel for her too. I am hoping she will be ready for her blood test in the next week, after which we will be introducing her to Marty for play time.

I now have foster homes lined up for big Chivers the ginger tomcat from the rocks, for Lucia (another rock girl) and for Calypso cat, our little white princess, currently in Jenny’s garden. I also have a date for Friday 15th for castrations. Our big task for early next week is therefore going to be catching these 3. Our catch cage, gauntlet gloves, and trap are all likely to get an airing!

In the meantime we amazingly just have our 2 little foster kittens Marty and Trixie to get fit and healthy!

Other news from Tuesday is that Blackie, the little stray dog that Nicola and I picked up about 6 weeks ago, also has a lovely home to go to in Germany, and is currently in transit too. Pam fed this sweet dog for over a year before we took him up to the dog sanctuary, and he was much loved in the port. He will definitely be missed, but now has a happy, loved future ahead of him.


Play Girl Emily


Play Girl Emily


Lovely Big Beau

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