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Sunday 24th January

This week has ended with great new. Beautiful Beau has his forever home with a lovely couple and another gentle cat. Cony sent me a message yesterday morning to say that she had decided Beau and Emily were not the perfect couple and was I happy for them to be homed separately. I agreed and amazingly within an hour these interested people came forward for Beau. Because their home was close to Cony’s the inspection was done immediately, and the same day Beau was settled. Fantastic for this lovely affectionate boy, who has a special place in my heart. Emily is also fine and will now be found a family with a younger more sporty cat who hopefully with stand up to her better!

Other great news is that our 4 kittens in foster care also found forever homes at the end of last week. I had this message from Martina on Thursday:

the boys will have 180 sqm in one appartement and the girls will have 70 sqm and a garden…;o)
so all have a home and will leave their foster homes… twigs will move with belle in the next few days and domino with rocky this coming weekend… ;o)
All great and I await more news that they are well and settled. This actually only leaves Emily and Balu awaiting their forever home.

I remain a little concerned about Lucia and Cosmo who are both still hiding and hissing at Erika’s. Cosmo has progressed to the living room a couple of times, and is playing with the other kittens. Lucia however, still seems very frightened. George her friend who fed her for 2 years is now visiting her regularly. Last night she came out from under the cabinet for him, so I hope this will give her more confidence. I don’t want to have to put her back outside as loving homes with gardens are available in Germany, which must be better than spending her life hiding under a few rocks. We must be patient.

Froylan and Floffy, our remaining visitors from Murcia are improving daily and have settled well at Jayne and Mike’s, where I hear they are getting lots of love and cuddles. They go back to Begona for a check at the end of the week, and will also have blood tests with Miguel this week.

For this week our main mission is to catch big Chivers. He has been seen again this weekend and his eyes are terrible. He needs help urgently. Pam and Mary will be going out at 9am in the morning to try and catch him. Here’s hoping for his sake.

Marty has settled well at Erika’s and is enjoying playing with the other kittens there, including Cosmo. He is turning into quite the little alpha male, bossing everyone around. It is actually rather good that this little character is going to live with a female and not a male cat when he gets to his new home in Germany. Trixie is also great, continues to put on weight fast and is now noticeably bigger. Our kittens are doing just fine!

And finally, I have had great news of Ricki & Ruthie, Micki & Moushu, and Luke & Snoopy kittens in their news homes, and that Balu is making progress in his foster home. Look out for some more photos tomorrow.

Beautiful, Gentle Beau

Sunday 17th January

News from Germany is that Beau and Emily are relaxed and well in their foster home, so I await further news about their adoptant. Yesterday was also a good at the ALStrays book-sale. We raised another 100€ and had a pleasant get together at the same time. Other news is that the 2 kittens from Murica are much better.

Tomorrow they will go back to vet Begona to be checked and we hope declared fit and well. Meanwhile Lucia and Cosmo continue to hide, but at least they have now found one another. Lucia is being the Mummy cat and is under a cabinet with Cosmo behind her which is actually quite sweet. They are however exploring at night, and eating ok, so I hope they will become less nervous over the next few days.

Tomorrow morning Pam and I are going to try again to catch big Chivers. His eyes are looking extremely sore, maybe from all the recent wind and spray, so he definitely needs a few days inside for drops, and if I can sort out a foster home during that time, I would like to try and keep him in.

And finally, little Marty’s leg is now completely mended and looking strong, so tomorrow this little fellow with leave Pam’s and go up to Erika’s where he will have Chibi, Felix and Trixie to play with.

Friday 15th January

Today I was up early taking Beau and Emily to the transport again. Although they won’t have enjoyed their abortive trip to the French border last week, it has turned out great for them that Jos had to turn back. Because today’s transport will arrive in Germany on Saturday, they were switched to a foster home in Munich, and this week Cony has had some people interested in them, and wanting to meet them urgently. I am really hoping these two may have a forever home together in the next few days.

Beau is such a gorgeous boy. He was sitting SO calmly in his box waiting to go, and this time I remembered to give him a goodbye kiss. He is the last of our Calle Alcor cats that I helped to feed regularly, and I have a real soft spot for him.

I also took two of our visitors from Murcia back to the transport, and on their way to their new home. We almost had a problem this morning as very nervous Noah did not want to get in the box, partly because she hates being touched. Nick bravely persevered and ended up bitten and scratched. We were all more worried about how stressed Noah would be, but she settled once her boyfriend Stroich (the wanderer) was in the box with her. The good news for Noah is that with Stroich she has an adoptant in Germany so she will not need to be moved again, and can slowly learn to trust her new parents. Thank you to Dawn and Nick for spoiling these two so well this last week.

Meanwhile Lucia and Cosmo are both still hiding under the furniture at Erika’s which is not SO good. Better is the fact that Kerstin already has prospective homes for them, from people with gardens, which these two really need. I’m hoping for some good news for them in the next few days too.

Wednesday 13th January

Today has been a good day for ALStrays. Pam and I finally managed to catch Lucia from the rocks after a month of failed attempts, not helped by the terrible weather. Jenny also had success catching beautiful Calypso and at the same time used our trap cage in ernest for the first time. Calypso it turned out was actually a Cosmo, so we now have a beautiful white boy kitten! Both have been straight to Miguel for tests, chips and sterilisations today. These are nervous cats and will take some time to settle, but we are confident they will be happier soon.

Our other foster cats are very well. Trixie and Marty have had more injections todays, and Beau and Emily are spending their last couple of days with us before the transport on Friday. I will be taking them a special treat for supper tomorrow.

We also still have our 4 visitors from Murcia, who came to us when last week’s transport had to turn back at the French border. 2 of these kittens will travel on the transport this Friday, but little Froylan and Flofy will stay with us as they are both too ill to go. They have bad colds after the last 24 hr trip, and we now know infectious fungus, which will be lowering their immune systems, as well as being a risk to the other animals. We aim to keep them until they are fit and well and ready to go on their way. Both are beautiful, tame, loving little kittens.
We are happy to help them and it has introduced us to another organisation helping stray cats here in Spain.

Cute Cosmo Cat

Lovely Lucia Cat

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