ALStrays Transport Summer Break

We are taking a slightly extended summer break. Our scheduled transports will start again in September on the 7th with a TRACES transport to France, Belgium and Germany, and on the 21st with a PETS Scheme transport to the UK.

We will then continue with one of each throughout 2013.

We have one Charter Transport booked for August 12th when we will be going to Bosnia again to collect rescue dogs that are going to France and Spain.

We are considering a TRACES transport to Germany on the 9th August. Just waiting for Sands to come back from UK and the protectora to confirm that they require a transport.

Over the summer we will be making a few changes to the site to introduce the Preferred Travel Partner Scheme, and to explain how we will help those partners with TRACES transports.

But the main plan is to enjoy a long rest: spend a lot of time with our own pets, refresh the old body, and try and get fitter.

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