Amber & Silver

30/08/13: Latest GREAT news is that Amber and Silver now have their forever home together because their foster family are going to adopt them!
09/08/13: Amber and Silver are still looking for their forever home but I am hoping their latest photos will how how really beautiful and sweet they are. Better news is that they have already traveled to Germany on Friday’s transport and are already very at home and relaxed in their foster home there.
13/02/13: Here are 2 beautiful siam-mix kittens, now about 8 months old. It is always hard to understand how people can do this, particularly with such beautiful cats, but these 2 were we think just abandoned. They were found by an English couple alone in a village near to Sorbas, and are now being looked after by Matt, who is fostering them and preparing them for re-homing in Germany. Both are friendly, affectionate cats, and with their stunning looks, I think they will have their family very soon.

Click on the photos to see them full size and have the option to download them.

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