Animal abusers must not be allowed to escalate their violence or target people

The Buffalo and Uvalde Mass Shooters Abused Animals First. Authorities Should Have Been Alerted.

Researchers have already solidly documented the link between animal abuse and human violence, and this link should alarm us all. In fact, the mass shooter who fatally shot 19 children and 2 teachers at a Uvalde, Texas elementary school had a history of animal abuse. Similarly, the racist shooter in Buffalo, New York had also committed animal abuse prior to perpetrating mass murder. Animal abuse is a horrific crime on its own, but when you factor in the likelihood that the violent behavior will escalate into more animal abuse and future violence against people, it’s downright frightening. The data is clear: animal abuse must be taken more seriously.

The Uvalde shooter allegedly posted information about his animal abuse online. One witness described how he would “put cats in plastic bags, suspend them inside, throw them at the ground and throw them at people’s houses.” Just weeks before the Buffalo shooter murdered 10 Black people while motivated by white supremacist ideology, he stabbed and decapitated a feral cat. Authorities have taken some steps to address the link between animal abuse and human violence, but in the aftermath of Buffalo and Uvalde, it is clear that they must do more. Sign the petition to insist that Congress save both animal and human lives. It must pass legislation to curb animal abusers from escalating their violence!

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