Animal tormenters can still live with the creatures they victimize

A New Illinois Law Will Stop Abusers From Living in the Same Home as Animals. Tell Minnesota to Do the Same!

A crucial new law in Illinois makes it illegal for convicted abusers to own an animal. Perhaps most importantly, though, it also makes it illegal for abusers to even live with an animal at all, even if the pet is not legally in their possession. This amazing piece of legislation makes it much more difficult for perpetrators to simply transfer pet ownership on paper and then continue their violent animal abuse. Research shows that animal abusers tend to be repeat offenders, so removing their ability to come into close contact with helpless creatures is a vital step towards reducing future cruelty. Such a law deserves to be replicated because it could save countless animal lives elsewhere!

The Humane Society estimates that more than 1 million animals are abused every year in the United States, but recognizes this might even be an undercount. Additionally, various types of animal abuse are normalized in the U.S., meaning many abusers get away with their crimes — so we desperately need new policies that can reduce perpetrators’ proximity to animals in the home. The state of Minnesota has taken some steps to meaningfully protect animals from abuse, but its laws are nowhere near strong enough. Minnesota should follow Illinois’s lead by crafting similar evidence-based legislation to improve animal welfare and reduce abuse! Sign the petition to help save innocent animals from lives of terror.

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