Animals are dying while legislation that could save them waits to go into effect

How Many More Animals Will Die Before the UK Bans Trophy Hunting Imports From Endangered Animals?

Between 2015 and 2019 aloneBritish hunters brought home approximately 5,000 hunting trophies, body parts and carcasses of animals they slaughtered. And roughly a fifth of those were from endangered species. But British people are changing their minds about trophy hunting, and the majority think it unnecessarily hurts wild animals. It doesn’t have to be this way, and a proposed bill hopes to dramatically reduce trophy hunting imports. 

The proposed ban not only includes the 6,000 animals that are threatened by international trade, but an additional 1,000 species whose protection status is near-threatened or worse. This includes iconic, charismatic megafauna such as rhinos, polar bears, and elephants. 

Unfortunately, this ban was announced two years ago, and it may not come to parliament until the upcoming spring or summer. But innocent endangered animals cannot wait for this ban to take effect any longer — hundreds have died in the waiting period already. Sign the petition demanding that the UK Parliament fast track this ban now! 

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