Animals of Marghazar ZOO in Pakistan need you now!

Imagine a place where animals live in small enclosures with little enrichment. Where ex dancing bears who lost their teeth, were not properly treated which led to a quick detoriation to a critical state. A place where  monkeys struggle to survive in their cages as a result of lack of exercise and weight gain. A ZOO where during the last years several animals have died due to dire living conditions, overall neglect and lack of adequate vet care. Such a place does exist, it’s called Marghazar ZOO in Islamabad, Pakistan.

THIS WEEK, the FOUR PAWS’ Rapid Response Team, lead by our specialist vet Dr Amir Khalil, has the unique opportunity to put an end to this suffering.

Unfortunately, it’s too late for many of the animals who already died there, but there is still hope for the bears, wolves deer, rabbits, monkeys, and a lonely elephant who have survived despite these conditions. With your help today FOUR PAWS and the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board, can guarantee that the new home for these animals will provide them everything they have been missing: proper veterinary care, spacious enclosures and plenty of food to recover .Thanks to you, we will be able to save these animals, treat their wounds and secure their future.

We have a once in a lifetime chance to change the lives of these animals for good. This rescue mission must happen THIS WEEK, will you help?
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