Animals that go to this vet are beaten, bitten, hung, punched, and sometimes murdered

Dr. Daniel Koller has spent his nearly five-decade career as a vet not helping animals, but violently abusing them. Countless complaints have been filed against the Oregon-based “care” provider, and the details are bone-chilling. Koller has hung multiple dogs from their collars until they lost consciousness. He beat a sweet German Shepherd so badly that the poor thing lost multiple teeth — that pup would later be found by Koller’s employees dead and carelessly stuffed into a freezer. He slammed a cat to the ground, squeezing its head between his shoe and the floor as he administered a sedative through a reused, dirty needle — a practice that one former employee said was common to reduce costs. It is hard to quantify the damage that Koller has inflicted on people and their furry family members over 50 years. But surely if these stories are public knowledge, someone must have done something to stop him.

Unfortunately, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Over the course of his time as a vet, Dr. Koller has had his license suspended or revoked at least four times. But he has always gotten it back. In fact, he is currently practicing as a vet, since the Oregon Veterinary Medical Examining Board gave him his license back in 2015. This veterinary board, like so many across the United States, rarely brings disciplinary action against vets who perpetrate abuse and violence against the animals they took an oath to care for. How can we trust the people who are supposed to be saving our pets lives if the very institutions created to hold them accountable let them get away with vicious abuse? Sign the petition today if you think every state’s veterinary board needs to ensure real action be taken against vets who abuse pets, starting with permanently revoking the licenses of convicted abusers!

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