As a puppy, Susie endured a dog’s worst nightmare

America again!!

Strengthen Animal Cruelty Laws in Honor of Susie!

Susie, the beloved pitbull mix who became a symbol of hope and perseverance in North Carolina, has sadly passed away. After surviving horrendous abuse, this brave pup went on to put her paw print on the state’s legislation, inspiring an increase in penalties for animal cruelty. In 2009, Susie — still just a puppy — was found in a park, covered in maggots, horrifically beaten and even burned. Susie was missing teeth, burns covered well over half of her body, and her jaw was broken. Susie’s story is a devastating example of why animal cruelty laws are so important.

Sign now to demand that sentencing and ownership laws for animal cruelty in North Carolina be strengthened in Susie’s honor!

North Carolina is currently ranked appallingly low for animal protections — 42nd out of all 50 states. This is a disgrace to Susie and the many, many animals who have endured horrifying abuse. But the North Carolina legislature can take a few simple steps to dramatically increase animal welfare in the state. By requiring mental health evaluation or treatment and a ban on animal ownership for people convicted of felony animal cruelty in NC, the lives of untold animals could be protected… or even saved. Sign the petition now to tell legislators in North Carolina: the time is now to stand for animal rights! Fight against animal cruelty in honor of Susie!

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