As you read this, our team has just begun an extremely perilous mission to feed and save dogs and cats in Ukraine’s deadly dangerous Donbas region!

The animals of Donbas have lived IN TERRIBLE DANGER for months. The least we can do, as they try to survive the bombs and bullets, is get them foodPlease, help us by donating now!

Donbas is one of the areas worst affected by the Ukraine war. Parts of it have been virtually obliterated. Here, vicious fighting is raging with no end in sight. It is the front line of the war, and for the animals – it is sheer hell as bombs fall, bullets fly and innocent creatures starve or die brutal deaths.

We are embarking on a terrifying mission to feed and save animals in the desperately dangerous area of Donbas. 

We need you right now to help ensure the mission’s success!

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