Australia: Ban Cruel Experiments on Dogs

Laboratories in Australia are experimenting on thousands of greyhounds and beagles, and then killing many of them when they are done with their studies.

Georgina started a Care2 petition demanding the Australian government outlaw these cruel experiments on dogs. Click here to add your name.

According to the Australian publication The Age, “For one experiment, six healthy greyhounds were given dental implants under general anesthetic and kept alive for three months before being euthanised by lethal injection. Their jaws were then removed for inspection… In another experiment at the university, four greyhounds underwent a series of operations to put screws in their skulls and electrodes into their brains.”

At least 6,000 dogs were used for studies yearly, and 100 killed afterward. Many of the dogs are ex-racing greyhounds, which have already lived in harsh conditions with owners forcing them into tiny cages and abandoning them when they didn’t perform up to expectations.

Georgina and other animal lovers are appalled that thousands of animals are being tortured at all – but especially because many of these studies are being done for the sake of cosmetic surgeries like dental implants.

Add your name to Georgina’s petition to speak out for these poor animals and demand no more cruel experiments on Australia’s dogs.

You can sign Georgina’s petition on Care2 here

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