Authorities must find this dog-abusing criminal

Someone must know him!

He Beat A Dog on Camera, But Authorities Still Haven’t Located Him. Demand Justice!

A security camera inside a California apartment complex recently caught footage of a man horribly abusing a dog. In the video, viewers can see the dog quietly sitting and waiting by a door, presumably waiting to be let out. The man — clearly angry — charges up. As he approaches the dog, the poor frightened animal lowers its ears and scurries away as it tries to avoid the man. But he lunges at the dog, grabbing it and pounding its head with his fist. The terrified dog flattens itself against the ground, trying to avoid the man’s rage, but to no avail.

Next, the man kicks the animal directly in its face and head — twice — before grabbing the dog’s leash and dragging it down the apartment hallway. While he is dragging the poor pup away, he pauses every few steps to continue kicking it. Police have said they’re attempting to follow leads in order to identify and uncover the man. But so far, they seem to have been unsuccessful. Every moment that this man is still out loose, he could be continuing to beat and pound this dog — and possibly other animals as well. Sign the petition to urge California authorities to find and identify this horrible animal abuser, and prevent him from ever owning animals again!


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