Baby elephants are getting stuck in waterholes – their unnervingly desperate cries for help can be heard far and wide!

WE HAVE A SOLUTION to prevent elephant babies from getting stuck in waterholes and then suffering physical and emotional trauma! We can implement it right away with your help…

Climate change is having devastating effects for wildlife around the world. We at ASI work a great deal in Africa and have been striving to mitigate drought conditions in Namibia, Kenya and South Africa.

We focus on immediate help and when the Addo National Park near Gqeberha, South Africa, told us about a drought problem that threatens the lives of baby elephants, we knew we had to turn to our supporters for help.

The problem is that because of drought, waterholes are drying up, and many of them are deep with steep banks…

The thirsty babies have no problem reaching the water – they slide down on their rear ends and have fun doing it – getting out is when the game turns deadly.

The Addo team responds to daily call-outs to free desperate calves. But with over 600 African elephants calling Addo home, the park ranger teams are spread incredibly thin. The teams work long hours conducting vital patrols to protect the species from their greatest threat – poaching for the illegal ivory trade – which means they cannot always respond immediately. The result is that calves sometimes spend an entire day struggling in mud holes before being rescued. 

Such frequent reports of elephant calves trapped in mud holes are not unexpected: an adult elephant drinks up to 53 gallons (200 liters) of water every day, which means these animals spend lengthy periods of time at watering holes. 

Together with Addo, ASI has devised a long-term solution to protect elephant calves from getting stuck in mud holes and the resulting physical and emotional trauma that it causes them. 

If we can raise just $3,000 (£2,290), we can line the waterhole sides with concrete blocks that will protect young elephants from getting stuck in mud holes. Please help us to provide this critical support.

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