Baby Felix Kitten


Baby Felix

Baby Felix is our youngest rescue to date by quite a lot!

He is actually only a psuedo Almerimar Cat as Emma Soroka found him up in Berja, or more accurately her dogs did, during a late night walk. He was crying all alone virtually in the road. Emma searched for his mother for a couple of hours but in the end took him home with her.

I met him the next day, and although very hungry and only we think about 3 weeks old, he seemed strong and very much alive. Nicola then fed him by bottle for nearly 2 weeks and still supplements his food this way, and as you can see from these photos, taken about 10 days ago, he is doing brilliantly.

At first he was very wobbly on his little legs, but now he charges around and jumps onto the bigger kittens to play. He has been eating on his own for some days now and even enjoys small biscuits, and has been learning about life by copying his house mates. All VERY sweet!!!


Baby Felix


Baby Felix


Baby Felix


Baby Felix


Baby Felix

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