20/11/12: Time to meet Barney, a beautiful dog who also travelled to a new home in Germany 10.11. Normally I can only re-home cats, but Barney is an exception and was helped by Kerstin as a special favour to me. He was taken in by my friend Tracey, after he found her and her dogs while they were out walking near to her home. He was living in a hole and seemed lonely and afraid. He made friends very quickly with her 3 dogs but needed some time to completely trust Tracey, and Kev and son Jack. As you can see from the photos, by the time he had been with them for several weeks, Barney was becoming a very loving affectionate dog, and as he is also very handsome I was not surprised that one of Kerstin’s friends, who wanted another young dog, decided to adopt him.

Since arriving in Germany, Barney has already given us a couple of scares but overall things are going well. He escaped from Kerstin’s garden on day one, and then off the lead a couple of days later. Each time he wasn’t easy to catch, only allowing the humans within a few feet for quite a while. BUT he has made friends with Freddy the dog and all has been quiet for the last few days. Here’s hoping he will settle into his new family quickly. He just needs a little time with new people, but is completely non aggressive, and really a lovely dog! Enjoy the photos. The most recent one shows him sleeping the night he arrived in his new home.

Click on the photos to see them full size and have the option to download them.

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