Beaphar Eye Gel

Kasper recently damaged his eye. Nothing serious, another cat must have caught it while they were ‘playing’ but he has small tear to his inner eye. As it isn’t bothering him and on the occasions that it turns over it’s easy enough to turn back again we have, for now at least, decided to leave things as they are.

The issue looked worse than it was because when it was first done he must have rubbed at it a lot and has made his eyelids raw, and add to that the ‘gunk’ which dried and he couldn’t remove and he looks like one eye has been on the lash for a weekend!

Looking for something that we could administer easily and safely to help clean the eye up and sooth the area he had rubbed we bought some Beapher Eye gel which has proved to very good indeed. Doesn’t irritate him and he does not rush to wash it off and his eye looks a lot better after just two days.

Sterile liquid gel to soothe and relieve dry and irritated eyes. Lubricates the cornea, helping the eye to naturally clean dust and debris away. Contains Vitamin A to help protect and repair the surface of the eye. Suitable for all animals, big and small.

Beapher Eye Gel

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