Beautiful Adalita

Our Little Siamese

This is a great photo that I took of Adalita at 6 weeks, when she first came to Almerimar.

The recent pictures from Germany show a very contented little cat, and I’m really pleased to hear that she gets to stay in her foster home. However I think my earlier picture shown better just how beautiful she is! Adalita actually comes from a mixed litter, but it seems that she got her full share of genes from her Siamese parent.

5 thoughts on “Beautiful Adalita

  1. Jenny

    Beautiful Adalita

    This is one gorgeous little kittie and I’m so pleased she too has found a good home so quickly, like her brother – she’s a charmer alright!

  2. Chris

    Am more and more impressed with what the German girls are doing.

  3. Mary

    Sands, am I being dense (probably) but have you posted the latest photos as I can’t find them (of Adalita that is?). Have you heard how Coreena is doing?

  4. Mary

    Coreena wasn’t with Adaalita was she, she was with Loulou? How are they doing and also the one who was with Adalita but whose name I’ve forgotten? Are we still on for Kaffee and Kuchen this afternoon?

  5. Sands Post author

    Hi Mary. You need to also read latest news from Germany! AND if you scroll down you will see an earlier post about Adalita’s brother Siamo. He got a home almost from the start. A friend of the sister of his foster Mum took him home! Not a surprise as he IS gorgeous.

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