Beautiful Boy Bonny

28/05/13: Bonny is another beautiful tame, abandoned cat, now about 18 months old. He was lucky to have been found by a kind Spanish woman before he starved or became very sick on the streets. She took him to her vet, who kept him while a foster home was found. He is now with Pauline but only has a pen in her garden, as her house is already too full of cats. It is therefore urgent that he travels to a foster home in Germany quickly, and I am pleased that Anke seems to have one ready for him as long as Coco settles well in her new home. Bonny is a lovely gentle, relaxed boy so we think he will fit into any home with other cats and dogs. He will also soon be a very handsome boy again. His longer fur is recovering well from his time outside, and overall he seems to be getting over his bad experience just fine. Thank you to Pauline for taking him in and keeping him safe while I sort out a proper home for him.

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