Beautiful Isolde

27/10/13: Below are some of the lovely photos that have come of Isolde in recent weeks. Now she looks like a very happy cat!I love the one of her having tummy tickles, and it is great to see her cuddling with her new Mum.
26/09/13: The news came today that Isolde has her forever home. Her foster Mum will adopt her. This is not a surprise as from the first Isolde was relaxed, exploring the apartment, following her new Mum like a shadow, eating ‘like a horse’ and enjoying cuddles. I am very happy for this lovely girl. Now she is really settled and happy after some horrible months at Pechina. I look forward to seeing some photos soon of a truly beautiful Isolde
21/09/13: After just over a week with me building up her strength and being treated for parasites, Isolde is, as I write, on her way to what will hopefully be her forever home in Germany. She has been much more relaxed with me and has eaten well. She is actually a very quiet gentle cat which is why I think Pechina was so stressful for her. She just needs peace and love and more good food, and I think this 2 year old will be back to full health and beauty very soon.

12/09/13: This beautiful female is another Pechina cat, and another one who seems very stressed in the big pen with all the others. She has been there over 3 months already and has put on no weight. I will be taking her out tomorrow as an urgent case because I am worried about her, and because she now has an adoptant waiting for her in Germany. This should be the perfect home for her as she will be a pampered only cat. IF she eats well in the next week and is not actually sick, then there is a chance she can be on the September transport. I must see, but at least I know her life is about to look up.

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