Beautiful Jassa

Jassa was one of our Almerimar Cats that headed off to Germany on December 13th.

Beautiful Jassa

Everybody who met Jassa loved him because he was SO sweet and affectionate. He used to put his paws on my shoulders, when I saw him up at the Casa, so that he could give me a kiss and be stroked. Now it seems he is being equally loving with his new foster mother, and also is trying to be with Mimmy cat.

Jassa With His New Mother

Mimmy cat apparently liked Jassa when they were both at the Casa, but as poor Jassa caught a cold she went ahead to their new foster home in November. Now it seems that she has become a little territorial about her new home, after having to share her last one with 50 odd others. Jassa then made the situation worse on his first night by trying to get into bed with her.

Now Mimmy cat looks very sweet and I hope she will be very happy, but if she continues to cause trouble, I would recommend that the foster mother keeps Jassa and sends Mimmy off to pastures new. I may be very biased but Jassa is SO gorgeous. Anyway here’s hoping things settle down and that they become friends again. Jassa I’m sure would like to stay as he is looking very at home in these new photos from Germany.

Looking Settled



Stroppy Mimmy


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Jassa

  1. Chris

    Can’t blame them for wanting all the attention can you really!!!! Hopefully they will become friends again though!

  2. J&J

    We are very impressed with all that you have been doing Sands!!!! Keep up the GREAT work

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