Beautiful Kittens

05/09/13: Great news today. Serga and Savana have an interested family. The homecheck is open but I am hoping they will have their forever home together!
01/09/13: At the end of June I visited SOS Pechina and saw 7 lovely little kittens together in a large cage in the office. 1 week later when I went again, these same kittens were looking sick and limp with bad eyes and no apparent energy so I took them out of the rescue urgently. Of course it is not always possible to do this, but on this occasion I had a room free and could help them. Almost 2 months later and all 7 kittens are doing very well. I still have Tundra, Savana and Serga here with me, while the 2 larger ones, Gizmo and Button, I re-homed via a contact in Spain. A kind German lady that helps stray cats has the other 2. My 3 came for a photo shoot the other day and will be up for adoption in Germany soon. I will introduce the others later. The 3 little girls here are completely gorgeous, playful and sweet. They come to me happily and will let me stroke them. I think with more human attention they could be little cuddle cats. Little Tundra has a damaged eye but is such a little darling that I am sure somebody will love her quickly too. Serga has always been the biggest and healthiest, while little Savana, who was so tiny and thin when I took her, is catching up fast. Here’s hoping they can find their forever homes soon.

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