Beautiful Linda

01/05/14: A VERY Happy Cat!
29/04/14: Lucy has found her favourite place to sit, from where she can see everything! Good choice sweetheart!
28/04/14: Linda, now Lucy, arrived in her forever home in Germany yesterday morning. Already she is very loved: “She is wonderful and clever. She loves our cockle stove, the inside….. She can open drawers……And I think she likes us. Lucy/Linda is a very nice and beautiful personality.”

Happy Lucy
Happy Lucy

16/04/14: Linda is another beautiful lady of about 8 years old who recently found herself abandoned by her previous owner in SOS Pechina. She seems to have been well looked after as she has been vaccinated properly each year but then she was left in a shelter. Strange! I wasn’t able to get any more information about why poor Linda found herself in this bad situation. She was looking very unhappy there when I saw her, SO I was very happy to have been able to arrange a foster home here. Linda came out of Pechina almost 2 weeks ago and is with Bruno at Lita and Pepe’s. The even better news is that she already has a new, better family in Germany with a previous adoptant of Katzenherzen so we know she will be well looked after for the rest of her life. Good for you gorgeous!



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