Beautiful Little Athena

27/08/13: This little lady has now been with me for 2 and a half weeks, and as you can see she is a little princess! I took her out of Pechina because she was much too thin, and showed signs of a bad cold. She actually weighed only 1.8kg and also had a stomach infection, but she is slowly gaining weight and now has energy, curiosity and attitude! I saw at Pechina that she had no fear of a dog that was brought into the cattery on a lead, and she seemed stressed by the other cats. I now believe that she was an only cat and lived with a dog before. She is learning to socialise with the 4 kittens in my foster room and also how to play less strongly but she was more relaxed when I put her alone on my balcony today for new photos, AND while she hisses at new cats, she went straight up to say hello to big Teo. I think she would accept a relaxed male cat, but for now Athena definitely prefers people and dogs!

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