Beautiful Older Prada

30/07/13: Latest news is that Prada has found Kerstin’s bed and is now cuddling all the time. I think she is VERY happy to be in a proper home after all her problems. The vet in Germany thinks her hip has been broken in the past because with her shaved fur a scar is visible and she is not walking quite right. This lovely cat was we think rescued just in time, and is now getting the extra care she needs to recover properly.
28/07/13: Prada is now actually in Germany, having traveled on the transport 2 weeks ago. Here she can recover fully with the care of an experienced foster Mum, and in the comfort of a proper home. The latest news is mixed. Prada is suffering from 2 bad teeth so is not eating well, and still only weighs 2.5 kg, AND Kerstin has recently decided to shave her because her fur was so knotted and bad and was actually causing her pain. The better news is that Prada is happy and relaxed, is charming all who meet her, and IS slowly gaining strength. Here’s hoping she will soon be feeling much better and will be ready to find a forever home. Kerstin thinks it will be easy to find one as everybody who meets her loves her! She IS a very sweet older lady, and looking much younger with her interesting new hair style! Bless her!!!

Prada's New Look
Prada’s New Look

26/06/13: This beautiful older lady was found thin and alone on the streets of Almeria and taken to a private cat rescue. She is lucky that she got help when she did, as Prada would not have survived much longer alone. Slowly she is regaining her strength and her fur is improving. When I meet her a couple of weeks ago for a photo shoot, she found a comfortable chair and stayed there the whole time while the younger cats ran all around the conservatory! This lovely older lady needs a quiet home with maybe one or two other cats and lots of love, where she can relax and become the beautiful cat she deserves to be. Already there has been some interest in her in Germany so I am hoping for good news soon.

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