Beautiful Princess

19/04/13: This is another gorgeous little female, currently at SOS Pechina. she is about 2 years old and is obviously used to a much better home because for now she seems quite depressed and is dirty and is not cleaning herself. when I first saw her about 3 weeks ago she had climbed onto the top of the doorway to get away from the other cats, and I think she was very afraid of the dogs outside both sides of the pen. They could see her clearly because she was so high up and were barking at her. I took her down and put her into one of the beds but she still seemed very very stressed. I will take her out of Pechina urgently next week and hope that she will be on the next transport to a family or proper foster home in Germany. She needs to relax and then I think she will be a lovely people cat again. I hope somebody will fall in love with this very pretty little lady quickly!

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