Beautiful Siamese Julio

Julio came into the Mojacar cattery earlier this year, having been terrorised by more feral Tomcats outside. At the time he was even afraid of cheeky Benny and Olli, so I was pleased to be able to find him a foster home here in Almerimar.

I had the pleasure of meeting this beautiful cat on his first night here as he stayed with me, whilst waiting to see vet Miguel the next day, and for the transport to free up space in his foster home with Erika. I got virtually no sleep, as Julio wanted to play and cuddle all night, and was very loud when left, but I didn’t mind as I fell completely for his charms.

At Erika’s he really blossomed, made friends with all her kittens, looked after little Strolchy, and became so confident that he was top-cat in the household in his own gentle, assertive way. After about 6 weeks we said goodbye to Julio on July 17th, when he flew to his adoptant in Germany, to meet his new cat friend and fellow singer, Elvis!

Jokes apart, Elvis is another young sporty cat, who urgently needed a friend. I am sure by now that he will love Julio. It would be hard not to. Enjoy the photos and the emails from Germany. Julio is a special cat, beautiful in looks and nature, and deserves his lovely new home.

Julio’s new parents are totally lovely ! they had a cat from katalonien, which died of felv ( negative test !! like tabitha, were 2 from only 3 cats in 4 years which were this way !) and they were there for her until the last day…they accepted her as a sick cat…and loved her so much…and were so sad, that they did not have a cat for many months…and then they found elvis, who lost his home ….and because he is so playfull, they decided to find a friend for him, and this friend should be from us ! they built a special cat garden at home, only for her babys…:o)))
xxx martina

“hi, I have already news from Julio. when he arrived saturday at home ( 10 in the evening ) he was very tired ….long day ! so he slept in his own room until 6 in the morning…when he woke up he made such a lot of noise, that his parents took him to their bedroom…there he jumped directly into the bed, gave him and her …hugs and kisses, was cleaning both, was talking and purring…and after one hour of hugs…he slept with them untill 10….;o) he has accepted his parents from the first second….and when he met elvis, he was very happy about that, was running to him and giving him a nose kiss and some hugs….elvis was SO upset, that he was not able to move for a few seconds..but then he was running away…and julio did not understand…;o) Julio loves elvis, but elvis is a bit scared of this…but no fights, only making noise….and if julio leaves the room elvis follows him to look, what Julio will do…..i think end of this week they will be friends…;o)
julios parents are so happy…her last cat from us, which died was cleaning them too…elvis is not doing that…but julio and they are happy that he does…”

Beautiful Julio

Beautiful Julio

Beautiful Julio

Beautiful Julio

Beautiful Julio With Strolchy

Beautiful Julio

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  1. Jenny

    Great comments about Julio in his new home with Elvis! Let’s hope the two of them soon become friends. It would certainly seem that Julio has the ability to charm both humans and cats!! I feel sure we will be hearing more about this happy household in the future!

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