Beirut Blast — the animals need you!

Then, from the Port of Beirut, a shockwave blasted across a 6-mile radius smashing windows and destroying buildings. It’s taken a devastating toll on human life and turned entire neighbourhoods into rubble.

Our partner, Animals Lebanon, was dangerously close to the blast. Although their office is in tatters, they immediately turned their full attention to saving any animals they could.

They set up a dispatch system for owners to report lost pets and set out to help the dogs and cats that were buried in debris or roaming the streets looking for their family members. So many pets are injured and traumatised by this terrifying event.

Human relief agencies are rushing to help the people affected by the terrible Beirut explosion. And we are rushing aid to the animals.
Can you help?
Your gift today could help us provide vital supplies to Animals Lebanon while they rescue family pets from the rubble and provide emergency veterinary care. You’ll help them organise animal search parties – they’ve already reunited dozens of pets with their families! You can help save and protect these traumatised animals and the many others who need our help all over the world.

Here’s what’s needed most: £75 could help provide emergency kennels, both to protect rescued animals during transport, and to provide for families who’ve lost everything and need a safe place to keep their beloved pets.£50 could help treat an injured animal. Many animals we’ve seen have injuries from flying glass and debris.  £25 could help provide the vital equipment rescuers need – especially protective gear needed as they search through the rubble. Please know that any amount you can spare will be used immediately and where needed most to save animals’ lives wherever we can. 

We’ve proudly partnered with Animals Lebanon for years, and have been working closely with them during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Before this blast, Lebanon was facing an unprecedented economic crisis. Now, they need you more than ever! 

As we see so often, when people are hurting, animals are hurting too. These animals in Lebanon, like in so many other places, urgently need us.
Please donate today. This is your chance to save animal lives in Lebanon and everywhere we go to help animals in need.

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