Big banks have been funding animal cruelty and torture for years. It’s time for a change.

Chickens inhumanely bred grow to painful and unnatural sizes to the point that they cannot even stand, their legs crumpling beneath them. But the larger the chicken, the bigger the profit. Cows forced to consume high-calorie foods like corn and soy instead of slowly, leisurely grazing on grass suffer from ulcers, sores, and abscesses. But the larger the cow, the bigger the profit. Pigs stuffed into pens so tight that they will never know free movement a day in their life accidentally trample each other. But the larger the number of pigs, the bigger the profit. Suffering was written into the very structure of factory farming. It is not only unconscionably cruel — it is unsustainable.

Big banks have been bankrolling factory farms from the start, knowing that if they funnel their undepletable funds all into one part of the industry, they will have total control over the market. Since 2010, World Bank’s IFC has pumped almost two billion dollars into the factory farm industrial complex. Imagine the suffering that could have been avoided if that money went to humane, compassionate farming efforts instead. Beyond the cruelty, factory farming is one of the top contributors to carbon emissions and it sets a horrifying standard for human treatment of animals — something that has directly led to the pandemic we find ourselves in today. We need the big players to get on the right side of history. Sign now and demand that IFC divest from factory farming, and invest in humane, sustainable practices…and our future!

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