22/06/12: Bonny is another cat that had a home of sorts before her English family went back to the UK, leaving her and her 10 friends alone in the garden of an empty house! Fortunately a kind neighbour has continued to feed them through the fence, and I am slowly trying to re-home them all. Bonny was a little nervous when first caught as you can see from the earlier photos, but she quickly reverted back to being a friendly tame lady once she was inside at Montse’s. She found an adoptant quickly and travelled to Germany on the 27.04 transport.

She now has a home with a lovely family and 2 rather older animal friends: “The big female dog is old (13 years) and the male cat (Mikesch) is 16 years … he is blind because some years ago outside he ate poison… he had luck that the vet could help him but his internal organics are damaged and he is almost blind… but he has a good life and is happy.”

From the first, all was fine and Bonny’s family found her much more tame than they had expected! Today I had the latest news and new photos from Kerstin. All is very good in Bonny’s new world! “Motte (Bonny) has settled in fine with us. Mikesch still hisses from time to time, but he also does this when he runs up against unexpected obstacles. With Jacky Motte has no problems at all. The two cuddle together well. The little mouse is indeed an explorer. At first she always followed us back into the house, but now she is more adventurous and has been examining the neighbouring property. We also have the impression that she feels very comfortable. (for us of course – she is too cute!”

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