Bosnia Transport Testimonial

Animal Welfare Advocates for Bosnia recently organised a transport of 15 dogs from Bosnia to Germany and the UK. We were unable to find an affordable animal transporter able to cover Bosnia, however Chris was very willing to take on the task.

When there were difficulties with some of the microchips and the paperwork at the Bosnia end, Chris was very resourceful and took control of the situation. We are grateful that he also accepted to use his own credit card for some expenses which we hadn’t envisaged! The trip with his 2 additional drivers back to the UK went very smoothly, covering the almost 2000km in just over 24 hours! As this was our first time bringing so many Bosnian rescue dogs into the UK on a single journey — possibly the first time this has ever been done – we did have concerns that there may be difficulties with paperwork at the UK border. However Chris’s experience with his frequent EU trips came to the fore and there were no problems. The dogs arrived safe and well at their new homes throughout the UK, with Chris transporting them as far as Dundee. Others have new homes in Germany, Netherlands and in Norway. 

In what was a mammoth exercise, we are very grateful to Chris and his team for their care and attention throughout the trip.

Animal Welfare Advocates for Bosnia

Raising awareness and funds to stop animal suffering in Sarajevo and Bosnia-Herzegovina

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