Brady Kitten & SISI!

30/07/13: Latest news is that their foster Mum loves them completely and is going to adopt them, AND as you can see from the latest photo, these 2 are now definitely kittens in love. A wonderful happy ending!
13/07/13: Eating, sleeping, playing and cuddling in their foster home in Germany. All is fine!
30/06/13: Yesterday Brady was introduced to a new little friend. Sisi has come from near Murcia to join him in his foster home, and we are now looking to find them a family together. Sisi was found alone and afraid some weeks ago by a kind English woman and then taken in by Bee and Chris, who have helped many cats here and in the UK. Now this strong little character has a more suitable playmate, and seemed very pleased to meet him. Already this lovely pair have interest in Germany, and for now both will be off to a foster home there in the next 2 weeks.-


09/06/13: Brady is another Pechina cat. Jenny and I saw him as an only kitten in the cattery with the big cats when we visited on Wednesday. The poor little man was trying to be friends with the others, but all the adults were hitting him away. He is only about 10 weeks old and the main pen is not a place for a kitten. It seems that a Spanish family bought him for their son, who quickly got bored with looking after him. We think he was struggling to eat the adult food at Pechina as he is well but quite thin and leggy, AND he has been eating everything in sight here! Jenny has very kindly been fostering him in her conservatory while we work out what to do with him. He is SO sweet and affectionate and likes particularly to cuddle with her husband John. He won’t be ready to travel until the July transport so we ideally need to find him some little kitten friends to play with here.

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9 thoughts on “Brady Kitten & SISI!

  1. Jenny

    Wonderful news! Two more kittens are about to have a very happy life, good luck little Brady and Sisi.

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