Building busy roads across precious wildlife territory is taking its toll on vulnerable animals

Most American Infrastructure Is Hostile to Animals. It’s Time To Change That.

Cars are deadly. Each year, estimates suggest that hundreds of millions of animals are killed by gas-guzzling vehicles on roadways. But across the world, creative animal crossings are helping protect animals from deadly cars and high-speed traffic. In Australia, the sweetly-named ‘tunnel of love’ runs through the Victorian Alps to protect a colony of critically endangered mountain pygmy possums from vehicle collisions. In India, a court-mandated victory won by environmental activists guaranteed nine crossings in the Pench tiger reserve, used by not just tigers, but wild dogs, sloth bears, civets and leopards as well.

We even have a wonderful example of animal crossing success right here in the United States! In the everglades, Alligator Alley crossings protect panthers, black bears, skunks, deer, bats, birds and even some fish. Expert estimates found that these wildlife bridges can reduce deadly collisions by up to 99%. Animals face so many other obstacles to survival in the modern world — including habitat loss and climate change — and it is essential that we make animal-car collisions obsolete. Sign the petition now to tell Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg to expand wildlife friendly infrastructure and policies!

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