Bullfighting is killing animals – and little babies

People Died Watching a Bullfighting Event. That Proves This Practice Should End.

We already knew that bullfighting was deadly for animals. Now we’re finding out it can be deadly for spectators, too — and not in the ways you may expect. In a town southwest of Bogotá, Colombia, hundreds of visitors gathered together to celebrate the yearly corraleja event as part of the Feast of Saint Peter. Scores of people entered into the bullfighting ring, approaching a bull that was clearly maimed and in pain. While the desperate, confused animal tried to defend itself, the humans toyed with and agitated it. Then, as the crowd cheered them on, suddenly the stadium stands they were sitting on caved in.

One after another, eight sections of seating collapsed, pinning adults and children alike under the rubble. So far, we know of 4 people who have died — including a 14-month-old baby — and upwards of 322 others who were injured during the collapse. Many others are still missing, and it’s possible the death toll could rise even higher. Every year, more and more Colombians are coming out against bullfighting, saying the practice is horrifically cruel and inexcusable. That’s why the incoming President, Gustavo Petro, is urging authorities in local regions “to refrain from authorizing more spectacles with the death of persons or animals.” In fact, when he was previously mayor of capital city Bogotá, he banned bullfighting in the municipality. Tell federal lawmakers in Colombia to stand with President-elect Gustavo Petro and ban all bullfighting events, before more people or animals get hurt!

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