Busy Successful Morning

Just back from a very successful morning. First Nicola manage to catch the 4th abandoned kitten, another little girl! We had all been worrying thinking about the poor little thing out there alone and hungry at night, but now all is well and we have taken them up to Miguel for a quick check and to get some drops for the one with the slightly infected eyes. So we now have Caesar and Tiger (boys) and Mouse and Mitzi (girls).

Our 2 big rock cats have had their blood tests which Miguel does REALLY easily, taking the blood from their legs without any need for shaving or tranquilisation. I think this comes from doing so many tests, and when you are used to dealing with big dogs, I guess cats are a doddle. AND Tommy is booked into Begona to start his vaccinations this evening.

So all is well and Kasper has had HIS last injections so is ready to travel in 2-3 weeks. We also picked up lots of cat boxes that had come back from Germany so we are really organised and ready for the next transport. Now I just need to make sure we have 3 boxes on the transport and foster homes in Germany so that we can send Kasper AND our rock siblings, Harvey and Greta.

Plans for this week have changed slightly as Miguel is not too busy, so we MAY take our big Ginger TomCat, also from the rocks, Chivers for his snip and a test on Friday. This will be an good insight for my Mum, who is coming for a week’s holiday, into what we get up to in helping the strays!

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  1. Chris

    Lucky Chivers!!!! At least your mum used to be a nurse so she can look after him LOL

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