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All great news from Germany. This email is from the 3rd new parent, this time of Caesar and Tiger (now to be Julius!). All seems to be VERY well. Little Caesar was the sweetest most cuddly of the litter of 4, so I am not surprised that he was quickly snuggled up. It is also funny that they were less sure about Niseema’s husband, because they haven’t been living with men. It is interesting how they can tell the difference, even in another species!!

News from Caesar and Tiger … Mail from yesterday evening…

“both arrive very well and are wonderful!!!
At the beginning they were a little bit nervous from the trip… like if they missed their old home but they are sure that both like to live there very soon…
In any case both had very sweet dream there in the afternoon. Caesar with all four paws around her lower arm of the adoptant and Julius (I think that is Tiger) half up cuddled on me.
With her husband Marc they are a little bit more careful… that seems to be that they do not know really men…”


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