Canada needs an animal abuse hotline

What is it with Canada these days? First they ban imports of rescue dogs ….

It Is Time for Canada to Establish a National Animal Cruelty Hotline

Animal cruelty is federally outlawed in Canada, and most provinces have their own laws which prohibit or criminalize neglect. But without a national animal cruelty hotline, prevention is incredibly difficult, and reporting can be slow and confusing. It is time the country stepped up and established a national hotline to protect Canadian animals! 

Sign now to demand the Parliament of Canada establish and fund a national animal cruelty reporting and prevention hotline!

Currently, dozens of separate agencies are responsible for preventing and dealing with the consequences of reported or speculated animal abuse. Establishing and funding a national animal cruelty hotline is a simple way to immediately reduce animal abuse in Canada. Parliament must show that they care about non-human animals by creating this hotline immediately! Sign the petition now if you agree!

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