Canadian authorities slaughtered a poor polar bear that had simply lost its way

A Curious Polar Bear Strayed a Bit Too Far From Home…so Canadian Officials Gunned It Down

A displaced polar bear was sighted in an area of Quebec where the species is rarely seen. Curious, intelligent polar bears are increasingly threatened by climate change — as their habitats and hunting grounds melt beneath their paws, they are forced to wander further and further from home looking for resources, which may have been the case with this one. But instead of taking the time and care to create a safe plan for its relocation, local officials gunned the bear down in cold blood, bringing its iconic life to a tragic end — and bringing its highly endangered species that much closer to extinction.

The Ministry of Forests, Wildlife, and Parks (MFFP) later released a feeble statement claiming that the decision to slaughter this animal was not “taken lightly” and that possible mistakes in tranquilizer dosage made sedation and relocation too risky. So does that mean the ministry is forever ruling out non-lethal management methods, because they don’t care to get their estimations right? Will more polar bears die simply because this government agency doesn’t want to do its job?

As climate change displaces more and more polar bears, the MFFP must be prepared for future encounters and commit to the use of non-lethal options. Sign the petition to demand that the MFFP stop killing polar bears!


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