Captive dolphins are being forced to participate in Russia’s bloody, illegal war

What a horrendous man! Putin Is Using Dolphins to Defend a Russian Naval Base in His Illegal Invasion of Ukraine!

As anti-war activists in the 1960s warned us, war is bad for all living things. And these days, that apparently includes trained dolphins, who are being exploited by the Russian Navy to counter Ukrainian divers attempting to enter the port and sabotage Russian warships. New satellite photos show that the Russian military has placed captive, trained dolphins at the entrance to a port in the Black Sea, and naval analysts believe that this is part of a careful strategy to protect the base using the dolphins’ sonar abilities.

Dolphins are remarkably intelligent and highly social creatures. The charismatic marine mammals lead vibrant lives in which they develop complex relationships with one another. Each dolphin has its own name, one with which other dolphins refer to it. Dolphins are also self-aware, and famously known as one of the smartest animals on the planet. They deserve a life of autonomy and respect — not to be dragged into Putin’s brutal war games as puppets of violence and destruction. 

This is just another egregious example of Putin’s illegal invasion being even more inhumane than we had previously imagined. No marine mammals — or any animals at all — should be part of acts of war or wartime strategy. We must stop the exploitation of these dolphins now! Sign the petition to tell the Russian navy to end their use of innocent animals in war!

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