Capuchina & Son Artem

10/04/11: Now I have great new photos of Capuchina WITH Artem. They are very happy together and Capuchina is playing with him a lot. She however is definitely the boss for now and hands out discipline as required!

Capuchina With Artem

Capuchina With Artem

Capuchina With Artem

30/03/11:A lot has happened since I last posted about Capuchina. The seemingly lovely family with the garden strangely didn’t answer any of Kerstin’s messages when she was trying to arrange for them to collect her, so a further adoptant was needed!

Things then got much better for this lovely girl. The family who had decided to adopt her son Artem, decided to give a home to his mother as well, and at the beginning of March, Capuchina was finally settled.

Her new family sound great and sent this funny email as few days after she arrived, written as if form her:

“The first days were great days… I’m fine and after the first night we all are in peace. During the last days my new parents take all off from the windows so that now I can sit there all the days and on all windows… now I can look around in all views… (my new owners learn step by step)… the nights are quiet and without problems… I think I have a good home here and I showed the other cat that I can hiss, too and I have my own place here… Food is okay – I get this and that.. no problem… (I get what I want ;o) ) So all is fine and the new parent do all what I want – play, cuddle and so on… and the highlight – the waterbed…
That’s it for today… and many greetings from my employees… ;o)”

Then on March 12th Artem arrived to join her and all seems fine between them.

Her new family report that Capuchina and Artem are playing well together, and that Capuchina has been allowed to explore the garden for the first time. They say she found all the new smells a little overwhelming and was happy to follow them back inside, but that she seemed to enjoy it.

I also have new photos below of Capuchina, and look forward to some of her with Artem:

Capuchina In Her Garden

Capuchina & Her New Housemate Mauzi

10/02/11: Fantastic news just came from Kerstin. The home check of Capuchina’s new family was great, so she will be moving soon to the big house with the garden. Good for her!

07/02/11: Capuchina DEFINITELY wants to go outside, particularly at night. Poor girl is not too happy about having been stuck inside for nearly 3 weeks now!

However there is a strong hope that the perfect home may now have been found for her. This came from Kerstin today:

“I have an interested lady who wants Capuchina for her parents, with big house and garden in a quiet area… hope they will keep her…”

I hope so too!

05/02/11: Unfortunately Capuchina's new home has not worked out, and not because her new family don’t love her. It is because as it turns out, she cannot go outside in her new home.

This is a shame, as she looked happy in the last photos, but I am pleased for her that everyone involved realised quickly that this wasn’t right for her. She loved being in the house, and cuddled and played with her new parents, but at night she cried by the windows. I did say that I thought she needed a garden, as she was used to being an inside/outside cat, and it turns out to be the case. As a minimum she will need a big balcony, so she can enjoy fresh air and sit in the sunshine when it is warmer.

For now she is living with Kerstin one of the great girls who finds homes for our cats. I know she will be well looked after, and as always I am grateful for the great job they all do for our cats. Follow-up and support is so important. No cat is left in a home if things are not working out.

Capuchina looks beautiful in her new photos and I am sure the right person will fall in love with her very soon.

Beautiful Capuchina

Beautiful Capuchina

Beautiful Capuchina

Beautiful Capuchina

24/01/11: This is Capuchina, rescued from a development near Roquetas. Her name was changed slightly by my Spanish vet, who believes a girls name should end in ‘a’!

She was being fed by a number of the locals outside, and after some money had been collected, I was contacted by David and Sandra Hume, asking if I could recommend a vet to sterilise her. I arranged to meet them at Animalfisio in Almeria, fully expecting that I would see her once for her operation and then she would be let out again.

That was of course until I saw her. Not only is this lovely lady obviously an abandoned cat, but she is beautiful, and being siam-mix, I knew when I first saw her, that I could find her a home very easily in Germany.

She already had a litter of kittens by this stage, and at the same time, I decided to help them find homes too. You will meet them next.

As for Capuchina, she is now called Emma, and having travelled overnight on Friday to Germany, is settling into her lovely new home. This update, with photos, came through from her new Mum today:

“Capuchina arrived after a quiet ride, stretched and welcomed us very warmly to our great joy with purring and cuddles;-)
We fell in love with her and we were happy 🙂
She then ate something and after we spent an hour with her in the room, we went to bed. She was not very happy to be left alone and cried a lot so nobody had much sleep. In the morning she was first totally relieved, but then saw our long-haired monster in beige!
Riddick from the start thought her pretty interesting and just wanted to say hello. Madame, however, only lets him to about 20 cm distance, then hisses and runs away. She still has fear of Him, and is generally quite timid, but she is friendly and loving to us. It is a good start!”

All seems basically fine. Her new Mum did say she was still crying at night, but this is only after 2 days, and she needs to become friends with Roddick. She is also jumping at the windows a little, but as you can see from the photos it is a little cold for her to go outside in Germany just yet, AND she must get used to her new family first.

I think she has fallen well on her feet. Not only does Roddick look a very handsome and friendly chap, but her new home looks beautiful, and in a very rural setting. I am sure she will be very happy there once she has settled in properly.

Capuchina/Emma In Her New Home

Emma With Handsome Roddick

Looking Outside!

And here are some earlier photos:

Capuchina In Spain

Capuchina In Spain

3 thoughts on “Capuchina & Son Artem

  1. Jenny

    Little wonder that Emma so quickly found a great new home, she’s so beautiful! Lucky girl!

  2. Sandra Penny

    First of all let me comment on how absolutely delighted that “Emma” has a new home. Let me just take you back to the very beginning! As a cat lover I first discovered Capuchino(The reason I named her that was her colouring was like a cup of coffee!!)I had become seriously involved in feeding another beautiful stray the previous year and managed to get him taken in by a dog rescue, it was so distressing seeing a beautiful cat abandoned but thankfully it had a happy ending – I believe “Boy” as I called him found a new home in Germany as well. So when I first saw this beautiful cat, it was my intention “not to get involved”! I couldn’t help myself, Capuchino was so lovely, I initially threw cat biscuits out of the window because she was obviously hungry but then we met officially and I fell completely in love with her. It wasn’t long before I realised that she was pregnant so of course the feeding programme began. I have a “single child cat” myself so was not in a position to encourage her to my home but often starting from 6.30 a.m. in the morning when she began saying to me “it’s time for my breakfast” I sneaked out of my flat down to the swimming pool area where we met and she enjoyed a good breakfast. One particular resident spotted me early one morning when she was walking her dog and wondered what on earth I was doing in my nightie going to the swimming pool at that time of the morning! She was very timid initially but she soon began to trust me and when we went to the pool during the day she would come and sit on my sun bed and we became very good friends. Of course then she had her kittens, as an anxious parent I tried tried to find them to make her a comfortable nest but even though she took me on several trips under the buildings she kept her nest very secret. I continued to feed her until I returned to the UK asking my wonderful neighbours if they would continue looking after her and try to get her neuted. I worried so much about Chino and her kittens until I received an email from David and Sandra – what wonderful people they are to have taken the little family in and as they say – the rest is history!! Have a wonderful life Emma, you really deserve a loving family. Sandra

  3. Sands Post author

    Hi Sandra,
    Great to hear from you. I am visiting the kittens this morning. My friends Kev and Tracey are now fostering them, and although they are still nervous, we are making progress. The 2 boys already have adoptants waiting in Germany, and I am sure I will find loving homes for the girls as well. It seems this little family have been helped by 3 Sandras!!!

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