04/04/13: 2 more lovely photos have arrived today of Caspian now Pepe in his forever home. It all looks pretty luxurious for our Spanish street cat, but then Caspian was never really a true street cat. He is used to much better things. His new parents have written this: “Pepe is settled and gives us much joy! He is a dream cat and so naughty and cuddly :)! Really great!” Miguel his foster Dad here will agree with the naughty bit. Caspian jumped onto the top of his fridge and smashed his coffee jars onto the floor! He also however thought Caspian was a gorgeous people cat. There was no way his new parents wouldn’t love him. He IS to humans completely adorable. We cannot understand how anyone could have not wanted him, but maybe he was just lost and somewhere there is a family missing him badly. This is why chips are so important. Anyway Caspian does not look like he is missing anyone. He has definitely fallen on his PAWs big time!!!

21/03/13: Caspian (re-named Pepe) is now in Germany in his forever home, having travelled on the 09.03 transport. He settled immediately which is not a surprise. For now he is a very loved only cat in a big house with a garden, but his new parents may later adopt a friend for him. This friend will be a dog, as having seen the lovely photos of him with Miguel’s dogs, we all think this is the type of friend he needs. In fact Miguel’s cats found him a little too strong, apart from his big male one!
28/02/13: AND here he is with another of Miguel Angel’s dogs! Caspian LOVES dogs, and cats and people!!! Actually I think he also loves the dog’s comfy bed, and he is happy to share it with all.
28/02/13: The latest photos of Caspian and his new friend Aindo are below. They sleep together on Aindo’s big bed. Caspian MUST have lived with a dog in his previous home.


24/02/13: This morning I took Caspian to his foster home and immediately he settled down on dog Aindo’s bed and even tried to cuddle up. I left him looking very relaxed and as if he had lived there for years. Later I understand Miguel moved him so that Aindo could re-claim the bed, and Caspian then decided to explore the house accompanied by one of Miguel’s own cats as a play buddy. All is fine!
23/02/13: Time to meet one of the most gorgeous, cool cats I have had the pleasure of helping. When I first met Caspian he had just been taken to SOS Pechina, having been found in the street. Corinne could not let me have him at this time, because she told me they have to wait 10 days to see if anyone has lost him. I DID take him last week, some 4 weeks later. He had by this time been suffering from a cold, and had spent a bad time being treated in a small cage. My vet gave him an antibiotics injection and he seems completely healthy now, AND he is just gorgeous!

Caspian's Dog Love
Caspian’s Dog Love
Caspian & Aindo
Caspian & Aindo
Caspian & Aindo
Caspian & Aindo
Caspian @ Miguel's
Caspian @ Miguel’s

It would be hard to find a more sociable cat to all. He has been in Pam’s office for the last few days, but has been allowed out a little and has nose tapped Pam’s old female cat Nena AND her dog. He has also had cuddles from all, purred a lot, rolledon his back for tummy tickles, and found lots of places to relax and clean himself. Tomorrow he is off to another foster home for the last 2 weeks before he will travel to Germany 09.03.

This lovely boy already has a family waiting for him in Germany and they cannot NOT love him. He IS a complete darling.

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